What Supplies Will I Need To Care For My
Miniature Horse?

Ideas for Other Supplies
You May Want for Your
Miniature Horse:
(We have most of
these in our store)

Nylon Halter
Lead Rope          
Soft Brush          
Curry Comb          
Sweat Scraper          
Shedding Blade          
Feed Tub          
Hoof Pick          
Winter Blanket

These are optional:          
Hoof Knife          
Hoof Nippers          
Hoof Rasp          
Hay Net          
Hay Feeder             

Our Miniature Horse
Saddles About $300.
Shipping is Free. See our store.

    Corner Hayrack
    About $150
Cruz Mountain Miniature Horses- Home Page
Types of bits and
how each is used:
Detailed Bit
Mini horse barn
kits,barn plans, or in
a fenced backyard:
Try our Healthy
Miniature Horse Barn Kit
or download barn plans
A Blanket To
Keep your
Mini- horse
Warm in Winter
About $74
Our Hanging
Hay Feeders
Open Mini Horse Stall
Driving a Cart?
Cart & harness
About $2000
Our Complete Set-
bareback saddle
stirrups and bridle
$210 (free shipping)
Miniature Horse  
Blanket About $53
Horse Silver
Show Bridle
About $53
Miniature Horse
Saddle  Pad About
Colorful brushes,
combs, hoof picks
Our Best Galvanized
Hay Feeder $215
(shipped free)