Personality Traits
With their diminutive size and wonderful personalities, miniature horses have taken horse
lovers by storm.

Overall, miniature horses are great companions, curious, and easier to handle than standard
horses. Miniature horses can be ridden by small children, and trained to pull a cart with an adult
driving or racing it.

They are great companions and love
attention from their owner. They are
gentle enough for small children and
their calm nature allows children to
quickly become comfortable around

Miniature horses are affectionate,
will follow you around, and love to be
petted, scratched and brushed.

They are eager to please you and this
makes them easy to train.
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If they are allowed into your house,
you will find them sleeping on your
couch and in your bed, and if you
stroke their abdomen, they will
quickly go to sleep.
If he gets bored, he may want
to borrow one of your toys.
If your miniature
horse gets hungry he
may search the frig
for a snack.